ATS- Features and How to Choose the Best One

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) continue to evolve and grow exponentially with regards to companies, products, and applications that show the growth perspectives. Global ATS is expected to grow by $463.12 Mn at a CAGR of about 6% from 2021 to 2025.

This application aids HR management and staffing agencies online with recruitment. From job postings to candidate interviews the benefits of the applicant tracking system in HR management are multifold and the best tools to streamline your recruitment process so any company choosesbest. However, if you want to change from your current ATS or look for a new one, the overwhelming options can be daunting. 

Inspired by Hung Lee, the CEO of workshape.io, an industry expert with 15 years of recruitment experience, we have drafted a checklist. 

What You Need to Keep in Mind

Can files be imported and exported automatically or need to be manual? Does the ATS have an integrated training program? Will there be 24/7 support? If there is, how quick is the response time?

Managing Interviews

Career pages are where many future candidates form their initial impressions of a company. Why applicant tracking systems are for organizations is because they are equipped with providing an updated career page along with API integration with your ATS so job details can be automatically updated.

To target the right audience, ATS should offers tools like job descriptions, application forms, career pages, and communication to build a consistent identity throughout the hiring process and many benefits of investing in HR software so we can choose best. Does your ATS aggregate all the information for multiple online sources into one? Can you search, add prospects to your new ATS account, and contact them directly in one quick submission?

When one wants to schedule interviews and other events do these integrate seamlessly with everyone’s calendar? Are there interview kits and scorecards to aid the process? Is all the information of the employees in one place? Is there a universal search button that you can use to locate your desired candidate in the vast pool of applicants?

Data Security and Reliability

ATS has to be safe, resilient, and fully secure or the functionality loses its integrity. By checking features on questy and similar websites one can get an idea of the security that different application tracking systems provide. As from data encryption, protection, and retention to disaster recovery uptime access, everything is of paramount importance. You need the assurance that the hiring process and all the candidate data is in safe hands.

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