How are Emojis Evolving

Emoji is a Japanese word that translates to “picture”. It's a way of using symbols to represent words, so text can be sent from your phone to friends, family, and colleagues in a way that is much more efficient and efficient. It has been around since 1999, and most of the 65,000 emojis that are included in the Unicode standard are based on pictures, symbols, and objects. In fact, it is the sixth most-used language in the world and the first non-Latin script.


At that time, our emoji choices are limited, and they were often far from the original definition. Anyone who's used iPhone knows the frustrating wait when you're stuck at an emoji keyboard. (Try typing a "lol" or "wtf" with a non-standard keyboard and you'll know what I mean.) But the process of innovation has gone totally crazy, and some emojis have gone through a change in meaning over the years. The varieties have evolved over the years. From crying face emojis to vomit emojis, sad emojis to terrified emojis, etc. And it is still evolving.

Something that has evolved a lot in emojis is the meaning in which it was used. It was earlier used only as actual stickers but now emojis are a proxy of emotional communication. It's now only about sending smileys, but it’s about depicting what’s inside someone’s heart they want to communicate and are struggling to communicate through texts or words.

It's all about emotion these days when we talk about emojis. And that’s why they are such an important asset of any chatting platform. They can convey messages without even being typed or said. The importance of emojis while chatting is only understood by someone when they are talking to some close ones. It must have happened with you at least once that you took more time in searching for the right emoji than actually typing the whole text of the conversation.

In the coming decades, emojis are going to generate jobs also. Companies want their own generated emojis. So graphic designers would have a good career in it. You can generate any type of emoji that you want, your imagination is the end to it.

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