Top Trending Auto Clicking Game Features

This is the best auto clicker, it’s free to download. Auto Clicker online is the fastest software to increase productivity by filling any online survey or form automatically. This auto clicker software or automatic mouse clicker is faster than any other software on the internet.


Auto Clicker is the program which is also called automatic clicker or jitter. This application works on the principle of the logic of a microprocessor. We know that computers can perform billions of tasks in just a second. Similarly, these software programs can make thousands of clicks per second on the mouse cursor.

Auto Clicker Software

This software can be used in any system either it is windows 7, 8, XP or any other operating system.

Features of Auto Clicker:

This application has many features but some of the main features of this software are given below:

  1. It is free and can be used by anyone without paying any money.
  2. It performs a very good task if it is used for clicking on advertisements or links. From the advertisements, you will get money for clicking on the concerned product.
  3. Many online games have many levels and when you complete one level then you have to wait for the next level to play, but by using this application you can skip to the next level easily without wasting your valuable time.
  4. You can use multiple software at one time. You have to use just one computer mouse for opening multiple chats or multiple windows in your browser. So, it is very easy to use this software because all you need is just one mouse and two clicks on the keyboard only.


Test your reaction time and hand check out speed with Auto Clicker. Start a test and use your mouse to click a mouse button. Click as many times as you can until time runs out.

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